Frequently Barked Questions

My tracking says that the estimated delivery date is unavailable. What does this mean?

We are so sorry that your box has not updated with an estimated delivery date. Please know that our shipping partners are working as fast as they can to provide accurate shipping updates.

We’re seeing carrier delays in delivering packages due to increased volume due to the unprecedented shift to online shopping this season. If your tracking page says Estimated Delivery: Unavailable please note, we are unable to provide an updated estimated delivery date for your package. However, your box is still on the way! Our Happy Team reviews the same tracking page that is presented to you on your account dashboard. Sadly, we do not have any additional updates outside of what is displayed on your tracking page.

With every journey your box takes, it requires a team of people to organize its route to you and your pup. We will update your tracking link & Account Dashboard as soon as we receive updates from our mail carriers. 

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