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How durable is ROPE?

Rope is a classic dog toy material, and the dogs in our pack love playing games of tug-of-war with a good rope toy. A woven rope has excellent tensile strength – that's how strong a material is when it's under tension, like during a tug game – but isn't indestructible. If your dog likes to gnaw and tear at rope instead of playing games of tug, you might find that rope has a short lifespan. By plucking and tearing away the smaller fibers in the rope, a determined dog can turn a rope toy into a pile of fiber.

If you know your dog likes to shred rope apart instead of tugging, you can always cut the rope portion off of the larger toy and dispose. Toys with rope in Super Chewer boxes are always intended for active play, not idle chewing, so your dog needs a human involved. It takes two to play tug-of-war, after all.


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