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How does Super Chewer think about durability?

For Super Chewer, durability isn't the point: fun is. For some dogs, having fun requires durable toys. We're committed to creating toys that challenge dogs, entertain them, and facilitate wonderful shared adventures with their humans.

When we start designing a toy for a Super Chewer, we know a few things already: the dog is strong, the dog is determined, and the dog loves to chomp on stuff. And their human is probably looking for something that can withstand their dog's love and affection better than conventional fabric toys.

So we're looking for materials and shapes that will be robust during play with determined dogs without compromising our commitment to fun.

The point isn't to make an indestructible toy. If we wanted to make a toy that no dog could ever destroy, we'd just ship a bunch of bricks. But that wouldn't be fun.

Instead of aiming for "indestructible," we work to create assortments of toys that cover a range of different durabilities (and other characteristics!) so that we can tailor each box to the individual dog's needs. A Super Chewer toy shouldn't last forever. But it should last for as long as your dog wants it to. Because that's fun.

Our pack has your back...

We know that every dog is different, which is why every Super Chewer box can be different too. Tell us what your dog likes, dislikes, and LOVES and we'll make sure that their next delivery has the exact right bite.

You've got an obsessed tennis ball-chaser? We've got super-bouncy fetch toys that go the extra mile. A determined chewer with jaws of steel? Seriously tough nylon toys are in their future. Allergic to yak? We've got your back.

Super Chewer's support is provided by a team of real humans with Super Chewers of their own – we get it.  For additional questions, please visit to connect with our Happy Team.

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