Frequently Barked Questions

How durable is RUBBER?

We love using rubber to make our toys because it gives us so many ways to change things for different dog needs and play preferences. We can make this rubber bouncier, that rubber harder, this rubber softer to chew, that rubber scented like bacon, and so on! So many possibilities!

We offer rubbers in a range of durabilities so that all of the dogs in our pack can find their exact right bite. The perfect bouncing ball, the most fun chew toy, and more in every box.

Our rubber toys come in many different shapes to give dogs variety (which is super important). Depending on how determined your dog is, some shapes will be more or less difficult to break into smaller pieces. Our rubber toys are tough, but intentionally not indestructible, so if you ever see your dog breaking up rubber toys into smaller pieces, it's time to take the toy (or at least those small pieces) away. Always supervise your dog when they're chewing on anything, including rubber toys.

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