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How to Update my Payment Information

When it is time to update your payment information, you are able to make that account change on your own! We bill on the 1st or 3rd of each month, if you are unsure of your billing date, you can review your account page HERE to see the upcoming charges. If you want to change your billing date, please connect with our Happy Team. To ensure we are able to bill the payment method of your choice, please have the billing updated before your scheduled billing date. If it slipped your mind, no worries! Update the account by the 25th of the month to ensure that your pup doesn’t miss out on their goodies!*

*NOTE: Our Happy team is unable to update the billing information on your behalf for security reasons. Please contact your bank/financial institution if you are having issues updating your payment method.  

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How to:

1. Log in to by clicking Login at the top of any page


2. Enter your login information (if you need to reset your password, click HERE!) and click Login


3. Click on Account


4. Click on Payment Method


5. If you would like to add a credit card, click the radio button for Credit Card. If you would like to add your PayPal account click on PayPal


To update your credit card follow next step. To add or update PayPal, click here


6a. Enter new card information and click Save, and you are all set!


PayPal Steps

6b. Log in to PayPal and click Log In


7. PayPal will display your default payment options, once the payment preferences are what you would like, click Agree & Continue, and you are all set!



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