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Super Chewer & Safety

Every Super Chewer toy is designed with safety as the absolute Number One priority. We're here to make dogs happy, and that means keeping them healthy too. Our designers and toy engineers pay enormous attention to the details of the materials we use, the shapes we choose, and the styles of play we encourage.

But designing a toy is only part of the safety equation. For all dogs and all toys, the safe way to play is with supervision. Human attention is the most important safety feature.

One of the things to look for when your dog is playing with a Super Chewer toy is smaller pieces breaking off. We build tough toys, but no toy is indestructible. If you see small pieces of fabric or rubber or nylon separating while your dog chews, remove and discard them immediately. Super Chewer toys are meant for chewing, not swallowing. Keep your eyes peeled because there is no substitute for your love and look-out. 

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