Frequently Barked Questions

How much does Super Chewer cost?

The toys are tough… but these monthly delivery plans make your life easy! Super Chewer Plans are as follows:

Monthly Billing:

12 month:$29 /box (the best bang for your buck!)

6 month: $34 /box

1 month: $45 /box


12 month: $329

6 month: $179

3 month: $99

1 month: $45

The more boxes you sign up for, the lower your monthly cost! Each box has at least $50 worth of durable toys and meaty treats and chews. Your pup will thank you for it!

Super Chewer BarkBoxes are slightly more expensive than our Classic BarkBoxes to ensure that we’re using the safest, most durable materials for your tough pup. Plus you get an extra edible to share with your pup!

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