Frequently Barked Questions

Common Shipping Questions

When can I expect my BarkBox to arrive?

You can see an Estimated Delivery Date by clicking your tracking link on your monthly email. You can also take a look at your BarkBox Dashboard around the 15th of the month, our official shipping date. Remember this is an estimate and will likely change throughout transit, but here is what you can expect:

  • In the 48 Contiguous US States, once shipped, it’ll take 2-8 business days. We typically ship around the 15th of the month!
  • Outside Contiguous US & Canada: once shipped, it’ll take 4-12 business days. We typically ship around the 15th of the month!

My tracking isn’t showing anything - Help!

Ope, no worries!

  • If you just received your tracking email it may take a couple days to update, we are waiting on details from our carriers.
  • Not all packages get scanned at every location but we’re confident it’ll show updates soon.
  • To get a play by play of your boxes journey, opt into text notifications on your Account page.

My box is stuck -  tracking hasn’t updated for a few days, is it still coming?

I’ll bet on my dog’s BarkBox that it’s still moving because...

  • Not all BarkBoxes are scanned by our shipping partners at every location. Your box may be moving we just can’t see all of its progress.
  • Out of 2,000,000 BarkBoxes, less than 1% of our packages are truly stuck - but if you notice it’s been over 4-5 days without any movement, let our Happy Team know so our Tracking Hounds can keep an eye on it.

It’s showing as delivered, but it’s not here?

That’s no fun! Before reaching out to our Happy team, we recommend doing the following:

  • Verified your address is correct on your shipping email.
  • Ask if your neighbor’s dog intercepted it.
  • Check with your local post office.
  • If your address is correct and your neighbor’s dog didn’t steal it, holler at our Happy Team so we can make it right!

There was an exception with my delivery, what now?

Uh oh!

Give your local post office a bark, they should be able to relay why your BarkBox got held back and next steps for retrieving your goodies! If it’s returned to sender, just let us know and we’ll get some goodies sent to your pack.

Who has my BarkBox?!

  • US Customers: After departing from our warehouse your BarkBox begins the journey with FedEx. Once close enough, your box is handed to USPS to personally deliver to your address.
  • Canada: After departing from our warehouse, your BarkBox begins the journey across the border. Once it hits the border, we hand it off to Canada Post. You'll receive a tracking email shortly after!

I still have questions. Who can help me?

You can contact the Happy Team, we are always happy to help! 

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