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How Do I Make Sure My Two (Or More) Pups Get Different Items?

We have some different options for subscriptions to find the best fit for each pup. We offer 3 different sizes, 3 different durability levels, and an allergy-friendly option. We can change the options of one of the subscriptions to help your pups receive different items.

If your pups are different sizes (under 20lbs, or over 50lbs) then updating the size would ensure different goodies. If your pups are about the same size, your best bet is opting in to our free durable classic toy and free allergy-friendly options! The differences from our Classic box items and these items are that the more durable toys have stronger, more reinforced stitching - but they will still be mostly plush.

If you need any help making sure your pups aren't getting those duplicate items you can reach out to the Happy Team directly! You can contact us through email here, bark at us via chat, or text or call us at 855-944-2275. We're here to help!

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