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How Do I Order BarkBoxes In Bulk?

Thank you so much for your interest in teaming up with BARK! We have a couple of options available for you:

OPTION A: Designed for those who can determine how many of each box size (Small is 0-20lbs, Medium is 20-50lbs, Large is 50lbs+) they prefer, and are able to ship to one address with free shipping. This option also ensures witnessing all the tail-wags as you personally deliver a BarkBox to each one of your customers. Keep in mind Sales Tax is not included in the pricing below:

- $29 per box for 0-50 order

- $25 per box for 51-149

- $20 per box for 150+ order

OPTION B: Better suited for those who need the BarkBoxes to go to many different addresses. This way the recipient may select the gift with their pup!

- 10% off purchases of 5-10 gift cards

- 15% off purchases of 11-29 gift cards

- 20% off purchases of 30+ gift cards

Each Gift Card is the equivalent cost of 1 BarkBox ($35). The pricing for this option is based on the customer's ability to customize the BarkBox and each box being shipped to a different location.

To order BarkBoxes in bulk, please feel free to contact the Happy Team directly! You can contact us through email here, bark at us via chat, or text or call us at 855-944-2275.

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