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Do You Use Rawhide Products?

We completely understand your concern, and appreciate having such conscientious pup parents in our pack! Traditional rawhide indeed can be dangerous and not a product we'd recommend! Traditional, standard rawhide uses formaldehyde in its processing and can pose as a choking hazard.

None of our chews are processed with formaldehyde and are dried in a different way that mitigates the choking hazard and standard rawhide dangers! We wouldn't send anything your way that we wouldn't give our own pooches.

If you still feel uncomfortable with getting rawhide in your box, give the Happy Team a holler and our dog loving experts will help figure out how to make the next BarkBox perfect. That's our Scout's Honor Guarantee! If you have any questions or need a paw contact us through email here, bark at us via chat, or text or call us at 855-944-2275..

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