Frequently Barked Questions

Are Your Items Safe?

The safety of the pups in our pack is of absolute paramount importance to us, bar none. Rest assured, every item is quality-checked and we would never send your pup an item that we wouldn't give to our own pups.

Our toys, grooming, and clothing products are all approved by our office dog product testers. We want every single one of our products to be high quality and safe. The thorough testing we do allows us to feel confident about the standard of quality of goods manufactured here or abroad!

When it comes to our manufacturing, shipping, and production partners, we work with these companies specifically because of their attention to safety every step of the way. As buyers of products, we stand by our vendors, and we extensively vet every company we do business with before committing to purchase.

That being said, you ultimately know what's best for your pup, and we strive for full transparency. If you have concerns about anything just give the Happy Team a holler and our dog loving experts will help figure out how to make your BarkBox perfect. That's our Scout's Honor Guarantee! 

If you ever have any concerns, please reach out to the Happy Team directly - we’re always here to help! You can contact us through email here, bark at us via chat, or text or call us at 855-944-2275.

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