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Super Chewer Versus Customizing Your BarkBox

While the standard BarkBox works for most pups and consists of our most popular products to date, plush just won’t cut it for dogs who aren’t happy unless they’re chewing.

We have two options for dogs who need tougher toys: you can customize your BarkBox to receive tougher plush toys or you can switch to Super Chewer.  How do you choose? Well, that all depends on how your dog chews.

Customizing your BarkBox: If your dog still wants plush toys but would prefer something with a little bit more bite over softer textures and extra fluffy filling, then this free customization option should do the trick.

Our tougher plush toys feature elements like reinforced stitching and double-layered fabric to tough-up playtime. Keep in mind - the durability of these toys may vary based on each month’s assortment.

Your monthly boxes will still come with 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, and 1 chew. You can opt in or out of these tougher plush toys any time - just let us know you’re interested!

Super Chewer:  Super Chewer toys are made from the toughest materials around, like natural rubber and nylon The treats and chews are still all-natural and 100% made in the USA and Canada and each box still comes in a new monthly theme.

Super Chewer toys are all designed by BARK (that’s us!) using innovative technology to bring durable dog toys into the 21st century. No boring hunks of rubber here!

Each box comes with 2 tough toys, 2 hearty chews, and 2 big bags of treats.

Learn more about Super Chewer products and pricing here.

If you’re already a BarkBox subscriber and want to sign up for Super Chewer, just reach out to the Happy Team here!


If you are a new subscriber you can sign up for Super Chewer here.


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