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Is There a BarkBox With Tougher Toys?

We have two great options for dogs who need tougher toys:

  1. We can update your existing BarkBox subscription to customize your boxes to include the toughest classic toys that feature things like reinforced seams and double-layered fabric. You may lose some of the soft textures and fluffy filling you currently receive, but the toys will last longer.


  2. If that still doesn’t sound tough enough, you can switch to Super Chewer. Every Super Chewer box comes with 2 chew toys (made of nylon, rubber, rope, etc.), 2 treat bags, and 2 chews - starting at $29/month

Learn more about Super Chewer products and pricing here. 

If you already a BarkBox subscriber and want to sign up for Super Chewer, just reach out to the Happy Team here!


If you are a new subscriber you can sign up for Super Chewer here!


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