Frequently Barked Questions

What Is Destroyers Club?

Some dogs just love to destroy, and who are we to tell them no?

Destroying helps relieve stress, gets out all those wiggles, and is a great way for pups to unwind and be themselves! Destroyers Club aims to embrace their animal instincts!

These toys are NOT made to be more durable, but rather designed to extend the enjoyment of the destruction process. We do this by incorporating reinforced stitching, a diverse array of textures & squeakers and taking into consideration different “destruction styles”. Styles include Squeaker-Seeker, De-Fluffer, Thrasher, or Shredder - We’ve got a toy that they are sure to love to death!

Need help picking out the best play style for your destroyer? Connect with our BarkHappy team M-F 9am to 11pm EST via live chat, Facebook messenger, or by emailing


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