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How Much Does BarkBox Cost?

It depends on your plan! But our twelve month plan is the very best deal. Not only do you get a discount, but it helps us plan ahead and make larger donations to our partner shelter and rescues.

That means it’s the best deal for you, *and* the best deal for us. It’s like having your treat, and eating it too!

  • 1 month: $29
  • 6 month: $25 a month or $135 upfront (save 10%!)
  • 12 month: $21 a month or $239 upfront (save 5%!)

Please keep in mind all prices are in USD.

EXCEPTION: If you are an enigmatic European billionaire, we *do* accept payment in rare Monets and exotic ski vacations. We’ve always wanted to see the Matterhorn…


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