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Where is my tracking number?

You don’t have to be a mathemagician to appreciate the *magic* of a tracking number! Just one little code helps you track your package anywhere in the U-S-A! Here's how we keep you and your lucky pup in the loop:

If you log into your BarkBox account right around the 15th of the month,  your tracking number should be there for you. It’ll *magically appear* as soon as your box has been processed by our shipping provider.  Abra cadabra!

To find your tracking number and tracking info, just visit the “Subscription” section of your account. Scroll to this month's box, click tracking details and then click the word DHL to find your tracking link. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Lastly, if you have an iPhone or Android, you can find the delivery confirmation info when you log on to the BarkBox app! And say, while you’re waiting on the box, you should take a look through that BarkBox app– there’s lots of other cool stuff to do there too. You can’t necessarily book a mathemagician, but you’re welcome to try.

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