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I want to surprise a friend's pup with a gift! How can I do that?

Ah, a splendid idea! There are some super secret ninja ways to surprise your friend’s dog, but listen carefully, for this is a delicate art, Daniel-san.


FIRST, crane kick over to our gift page (right here) and select one of our gift package options.

The first box will ship within 24-48 hours straight to a lucky (and unsuspecting!) pup. You can sign the gift note with your own name, a secret name, an inside joke only the lucky pup will know - as much or as little information as you'd like!

For those who are bold of heart, you can also send the box directly to yourself and gift it in person! The choice is yours, Daniel-san.

Once the first box is delivered we will send an email to the recipient to redeem and personalize their account.

Another option you could try: go to BarkShop and send your friend a gift card, which can then be used to set up a monthly subscription.

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