Frequently Arf'ed Questions

How do I join BarkBox?

O.M.D., you just asked our favorite question! We’d love to have you and your pup in the pack!

Just click the "Get Started" button at Select the size of your dog and then select which BarkBox plan you'd like. Once you fill in the billing information, we ask for your shipping info and a bit of information about your dog. Then, you're ready to go!


By the way- All subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel. For example, if you sign up for 12 months of BarkBox and cancel your subscription, you’ll get 12 boxes and that’s it. If you don’t cancel, you’ll receive 12 BarkBoxes and your plan will renew on the 3rd of your renewal month.  If you want to close your account right away, reach out to [email protected].

So it’s kinda like a streaming TV subscription. Only instead of catching up on your favorite season of Seinfeld, you’re catching up on making incredible new memories with your dog!


And then yes, by all means, chill with your pup on the couch and your favorite season of Seinfeld.

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