Frequently Arf'ed Questions

Will you let me know when my BarkBox has shipped?

For US customers: Scout sends you an email on the 15th confirming your shipment, providing a link to your tracking info.

For our Canadian subscribers: while we cannot provide tracking for Canada Post at this time, you will get an email confirming that your box has shipped.

If you haven’t seen an email from Scout, check your spam folder! If you find Scout’s email there, click “move to inbox” so that Scout  won’t end up in spam again. He’s  a nice pup, he deserves better company than a Nigerian prince or INCREDIBLE PILLS FOR SATISFACTION! 🔥✨❤️🚀✨😎🚀✨🐶🌭🎆👻✨🔥

“SO… MUCH… SPAM!!!!”

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