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Loving Pets Stick - Duck Flavor

We were recently made aware of a tragedy, in which a member of our pack named Sugar passed away unexpectedly. As fellow dog parents, we are absolutely heartbroken.

We’ve talked with Sarah (Sugar's mom) directly to share how devastated we are by Sugar’s passing, and how much our hearts hurt for her family. It’s also important we share what we know with everyone in order to address your concerns, which we share for our own dogs.

Our first priority was hearing from Sarah and her vet about what happened with Sugar. Our vets are working closely with Sarah’s vet to better understand what happened. At this point, we don’t know what role the chew may have played in this tragedy. However, when it comes to our dogs, we must act with great care and caution. So here are some immediate steps we are taking:

  • Last night we emailed everyone who received this chew and have halted future shipments. We will replace this for any customer who would like that. We’re attaching the email to this post for transparency.
  • We have established a dedicated helpline with our Happy team for anyone who has questions about this chew, or importantly, any dog who may be experiencing issues.
  • We continue our urgent investigation with our testing labs, the vendor, our veterinary team, Sarah and her vet. We are committed to surfacing any issues that may be dangerous for dogs and sharing those results with you as soon as we have clarity.

Once again, the loss of one of our dogs in any way is tragic. We can’t possibly imagine how Sarah is feeling, and our deepest sympathies are with her and her family :broken_heart:

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