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Super Chewer: We have more than one dog, can you do two sizes in the same box?

While we are not able to do multi-size boxes, we are able to find an option just right for your pack! Many of our multi-dog households receive a Super Chewer box for each pup! To discuss your options or ask additional questions, feel free to give The Happy Team a bark! We will gladly talk about your pack options. 

Our Super Chewer boxes are broken down into three size categories:

Small: for pups who are 20 pounds or less

Medium: for pups who are 20 to 50 pounds

Large: for pups who are over 50 pounds


If your pup is on the border of these sizes, we suggest sizing up. We can always make adjustments in between each shipment. 

You can also change your pack's Super Chewer size via these steps:

1. Login to your account on with your account email & password. 


2. Click 'Account' in the top right hand corner of your login page.



3.  Scroll down halfway, view the 'Box Preferences' box. Click the arrow to the right to open the 'Box Preferences' section. 


4.  Click the arrow to the right of the 'Dog size' category. Select the appropriate size & click 'Save'.


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